on new proposed “points system” for NJ work visas


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Hi Blog. I’m not sure what to say at this point, since this “points system” may be a step in the right direction for an objective, clear system for determining who gets what visa and why. There’s been too much “discretion” left to the Immigration Bureau, especially when it comes to doling out statuses such as Permanent Residency. We’ll just have to see how the proposed system shapes up. Again, the GOJ is recognizing the need for migrant labor, just not in any way that seems to actually promote immigration. If done right, however, this system might be one of the first steps towards an actual Immigration Ministry with an actual immigration policy. Wait and see. Arudou Debito in Sapporo

June 22, 2009 12:29 PM
Japan To Introduce ‘Point System’ To Attract Foreigners (Malaysian National News Agency), courtesy of Matt Dioguardi

TOKYO, June 22 (Bernama)– The Japanese government plans to introduce a ”point system” to give preferential treatment such as residency permit extensions to foreigners with advanced expertise, Kyodo news reported quoting government sources as saying on Sunday.

The government plans to evaluate foreigners by awarding points for their qualifications, working careers, research achievements and other qualities and to give preferential treatment when their points exceed a certain level, the sources said.

The new system will form part of a reform of the residency permit system amid intensified international competition for engineers and other experts with advanced expertise.

A Justice Ministry panel will discuss the plan soon to begin mapping out the new system.

The government is expected to study simplifying procedures for residency permits and reentry, extending the maximum duration of residency permits from three years at present and shortening the period of residency required before securing the right to permanent residency from 10 years in principle.

The ministry will decide on the jobs to be included under the new system in consultation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and other ministries and agencies.

A government panel compiled a report last month that included a study on the introduction of the new system.

Similar point systems have been introduced in Britain and Canada. In Britain, the system is applied to scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and teachers, who can obtain the right of permanent residence in five years if they are recognised as experts with advanced expertise.

— BERNAMA (Malaysia)

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  • The english MOJ web page is a bit garbled but I think they mean to say that the residence req is less than 10y for spouses:

    I think this is intending to say you only need 1 year in Japan (and to have been married for 3), that is, section 2 should be entitled “special *exceptions* to the 10y residence rule”. I haven’t looked for the Japanese page, but it makes no sense otherwise. Section 2(4), which I am personally interested in, certainly means that 5y residence + significant contribution may bypass the 10y min.


  • The point system in Canada is for Permanent Residence applications — points are given for language ability in English and French, education, job experience, and “relationship with Canada” (ie, spouse or other family member who is Canadian). What it actually means in practice, examining the points, is that to get PR, at least one of the following need to be true:

    – Fluency in both English and French
    – Masters degree or higher
    – Canadian spouse
    – Have worked in Canada for a number of years (5 or so? it’s been a while)

    The big difference between Canada and Japan is that in Canada, the “first visa” for the majority of immigrants is Permanent Resident — most people get their Canadian PR before ever having lived in the country.

  • lets face it the GOJ will accept robots and tama-chans before they accept more immigration. thats the fact jack. this new ic card system is a joke and its not going to make are daily life anymore easier in japan. just alot more big brother and racial profileing for all NJ.

  • Would highly skilled people even want to come to Japan? They can look forward to the criminal fingerprint welcome, trouble renting the shoe box size apartment and probably a nice totally insecure 1 year contract. I think they may well go elsewhere!

  • quote: So skilled workers could get PR in ~5 yrs but spouses still would be stuck with ~10 years, right?

    I got my PR after 4 years of marriage, exactly before my third renewal. (1year, 1 year, 3 years, but after second year got it)


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