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Hi Blog. Two new networks (well, one is a relaunch) have come online for human rights. Words from their sponsors:

July 10, 2009

Hi Chris and Debito, I just finished JAD’s new youtube channel. JAD stands for “Japan Against Discrimination”.

It is the only generic name I could think of. Anyways, I put a video folder for Amnesty Japan and for you too, Debito.

I hope we can use this youtube channel to centralize any videos regarding human rights and any agendas we are trying to push through.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. I can post and put the videos that you want, just email and i will make it happen.

Pls feel free to promote JAD Video Vigilantes video folder to promote activism for human rights and equality here in Japan.

I have a lot of free time to do some videos that can help increase awareness regarding human rights and any issues about foreign residents or just any issue in japan now.

I need a front man or woman to be the presenter for my videos. I am not good at public speaking and not photogenic at the same time. Do you know anyone living in Tokyo (Kanagawa or Saitama) who might be interested to be the frontman for my videos?

All the best, Bo. (akiuramaru AT yahoo DOT com)

July 12, 2009

The CHILDREN’S RIGHTS NETWORK JAPAN website has been a comprehensive index of children abducted or otherwise denied access to one of their parents after divorce or separation. It has brought to light the very real problem in Japan of how marriages gone sour result in children growing up without a parent.

As many of you know the original was “lost” when the webmaster failed to renew the domain. There is currently a site in it’s place that is trying to do what CRN Japan did so well….but they are not doing a good job.

I noticed the other day however that the webmaster has put the original CRN JAPAN site back up – Please find it at –

Please help spread the word that CRN JAPAN is back… I see he seems to be reconfiguring it and some of the links are still dead, but they have a message regarding that on the page as well.

Thank you, Eric Kalmus

Spread the word! Arudou Debito in Sapporo

4 comments on “Launching websites: youtube human rights, and Childrens’ Rights Network Japan

  • Thanks Debito for posting this! I fully support any organization working against discrimination and child exploitation.

  • Thanks for posting this, but don’t you think its a bit lopsided? Wouldn’t it be best for them to include abductions the other direction (from japan) as well? Granted, people can still go through different lines but the site has a whole general feel of pointing the finger at the Japanese system (Which indeed has many, many flaws and in general offers little/no protection).

    I’m all for pointing the finger, but I like some more objective finger pointing than just one general direction.

    — Do your research. We’ve talked about this for years on There are plenty of cases of children being returned by overseas courts to left-behind parents who are Japanese. Hardly, if any, a single case of the converse. See July 15 2009’s blog entry. The flow is in one general direction. In fact, it’s in one specific direction.

  • Thank You for this. By the way, Debito, website is very simple and if anything happens again, I may be able to help. I`m not pro webmaster though, but I make websites sometimes. At the moment working on another one for myself.


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