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Hi Blog. I blog this as a matter of record, received from overseas activist lists. Now, while I don’t agree with all sentiments expressed below, I do believe that the US Congress resolution on this is important, since the GOJ would otherwise refuse to settle this issue in my view properly. It will also serve as an update on what’s happening at the grassroots level vis-a-vis this movement. Give the below as due consideration as you see fit. Arudou Debito in Tokyo



The H.Res121 calls on the government of Japan to formally acknowledge and
apologize for its role in the coercion of women into sex slavery.
(introduced by Mike Honda, and now has more than 120 co-sponsors)

May 17, 2007


It has been more than 60 years of the women forced into sexual slavery by
the Japanese Imperial government and justice has yet to be seen. A clear
position of the United States (country to whom Japan, esp. the current Abe
regime, is REALLY beholden to, as we know) via Congress will mark the
perhaps the biggest blow to the Japanese government which has stepped up
public efforts to re-legitimatize revisionist history and push forward an
agenda for militarization, war and aggression (sound familiar?) in lockstep
with (and arguably, FOR,) its bigger, stronger partner, the United States.
Peoples already occupied/colonized by Japan and the US are seeing
intensification of that oppression already on the ground, while “old” issues
aren’t even yet accounted for. This has got to stop! And helping STOP the
tears from flowing of the survivor halmonis, grandmothers, and lolas and
more is an important, critical step towards that end.

The resolution calls for what many of the survivors have been demanding for
years. And yet, such a minimal demand has been shunned if not openly
confronted and retaliated with accusations of lying, even profiteering, by
those who represent the Japanese government (i see such comments appearing
in mainstream press so frequently, it’s even “normalized”). Furthermore,
Japan’s legal system aids in protecting Japan’s impunity by dismissing or
ruling against the demands of the many many survivors from various countries
who have courageously brought on lawsuits.

It’s been long recognized in Japan that an international or external
pressure is a critical political force in order to delivery justice to this
issue, and now it seems that the House Resolution 121 has gained so much
momentum, we need to keep it up….and get it PASSED!

And what can those of us in CA’s districts of Tom Lantos (san mateo and
sunset) and Nancy Pelosi (SF) and every one else can do to make sure they
know we’re TOTALLY DOWN with their support? Here’s how:

Congresspersons care what constituents think, and letters are by far the
most effective way of letting them know what you think. Please, take 10
minutes, and draft a letter which contains only the following 4 short

To Congressman Tom Lantos:
1) I live in your district.
2) I have read and support H. Res. 121
3) This resolution is very important to me (because….)
4 )I urge you to move quickly to mark-uop and allow a vote in the Foreign
Affairs Committee on H.Res. 121

To Speaker Nancy Pelosi:
1) I live in your district.
2) I have read and support H.Res.121
3) This resolution is very important to me (because…)
4) I urge you to move quickly to allow a full vote on the House Floor on H.Res.121.

*It’s important to write down YOUR ADDRESS so that they know your district
(or that you live in theirs).

Fax or email the letter to:
Congressman Tom Lantos: (202) 226-4183 or email thru his website:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi: (202) 226-8259 or email:

Get together with a small group of friends, family or colleauges, and book
an appointment with them. Let them know face to face your concern over this

Lantos’ District Office
San Mateo Office
400 S. El Camino Real, Ste., 410
San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 342-0300
or in SF: (415) 566-5257

Pelosi’s District Office
450 Golden Gate Ave., 14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 556-4862

And furthermore,
1) Sign the ONLINE petition, Gabriela Network our ally and long time
participant in the larger effort to deliver justice to the Lolas, has sent
this around, add your name, spread the word!
2) Get your organization or group to sign the COMMUNITY LETTER: circulate
your draft for organizational endorsement.
3) See if your local/ethnic papers would be willing to publish an “open
letter” supporting the statement to Lantos and Pelosi next week. If you’re
interested in signing on together and get one published in NoCal
Nikkei/Japanese media, please contact me!

We note that this is a very dangerous trend for the world and all of us,
which isn’t entirely even healed from japan’s first attempt around, when
japan invaded its neighbors and on the other hand was its ally the nazi
regime – creating lots of legitimate, justified hate and religious,
ideological rationale for racist imperialist oppression. Many of those in
power in Japan are comprised of direct descendants and disciples of the very
people who committed atrocious war crimes against humanity during WWII. This
House Resolution could be a HUGE blow and a formidable political force to
actually mitigate the efforts of Japan to roll back the “Peace” article of
the Constitution, or continue colonial and racist policies domestically,
with such legitimacy and impunity. The most significant thing right now is
the voice of every each one of us right now. Please let yours be one that
counts at this critical moment!

Thanks to Gabriela Network ( and the “121 Coalition” ( for their 411 & support.
Also, see their URLs for more info.

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