Free Japanese-language courses in Sapporo sponsored by GOJ (deadline for application Oct 2)


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From: Hokkaido Insider
Date: September 14, 2009 5:27:37 PM JST
To: Hokkaido Insider News
Subject: Free Japanese Course for International Parents

FREE JAPANESE COURSE for international parents.

This program is sponsored by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs for FY 2009.

Please visit our site for more information:

A very detailed explanation and schedule of the classes being offered appear at the link posted above.
Here are some of the key points as to who they are looking to serve and the general requirements.

Target Participants:
Foreign residents currently raising children from toddlers through middle school students
Those who are able to attend at least 80% of the course.
*The 2nd and 3rd Periods teach entry-level Japanese.

Term: From Tuesday, October 13th 2009 through Tuesday, December 22nd (10 Days, 3 Periods / Day)
(As a general rule, all classes are held on Tuesdays, but exceptions may be made due to staffing circumstances.)

Location: IAY
060-0061 Sapporo-shi, Chuo-ku, S1W4 – Hinode Bldg. 6F (connected directly with Odori Subway Station, Exit #10)

Tuition: No charge

Participant Limit: 20 persons (participants will be selected randomly should the applicants exceed capacity)

Application form can be downloaded from the site. (Application deadline is October 2.)

Confirmed participants will receive information by Wednesday, October 7th.

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Permission is granted to forward this on to others who may be interested.
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7 comments on “Free Japanese-language courses in Sapporo sponsored by GOJ (deadline for application Oct 2)

  • Fantastic.Great.
    Nice to see that they see a need to help people become more integrated. After 8 or 9 hours of speaking English your other tongue it is hard for a person with children to be motivated enough to learn Japanese by themselves without affecting their own child’s second language development or your own income.(Quality Japanese courses can be very expensive) Good on Sapporo.

  • its seems like again that the only thing that the GOJ can offer NJ are always only poorly run japanese language classes. we need retraining to learn new skills that will halp us in the workplace. is this too much to ask for?

    — I think you’re looking a gift horse in the mouth. How do you know they are “poorly run”? Gotta give credit where it’s due, then ask for improvements. Otherwise you’ll just be seen as criticizing people for trying, which is ultimately counterproductive.

  • when i said poorly run, i meant that they are usually run by unskilled volunteers or retirees. these people most likely dont have a license to teach japanese. but i dont discourage this, but its just again poorly run.

  • Jim has a good point.Although many courses are well intended, they are usually staffed by retired persons or volunteers who are interested in NJ.The courses usually do not help people in dealing with doctors,teachers,police,employers,unemployment,and consumer rights. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a proper course that would help people become more integrated,empowered,raise awareness of our rights and maybe, just maybe, even to apply for citizen ship if we so wish.
    It is a start,and i hope it becomes permanent.It is surely something to build on for the future.


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