Next Valentine Lawsuit Hearing Tuesday Sept 25


Hi Blog. Just received this from Valentine:

Dear Debito.
Please, kindly remind your bloggers about the date for my court attendance. 25th Tuesday September, 2007 at the Tokyo High Court, Kasumigaseki. by 1.30pm 8 floor Rm 808. Thanks, Valentine

Attend if you like. More on the Valentine Lawsuit, where he was denied medical treatment for a broken leg while being interrogated by police (and is now crippled), and then the lower court exonerated the police of any respnsiblity on extremely flimsy grounds, at

Debito in Sapporo

One comment on “Next Valentine Lawsuit Hearing Tuesday Sept 25

  • Been told with great thanks to everyone from Valentine’s wife yesterday that more than 25 people showed up to the Sept 25 hearing.

    Excellent! Thanks to everyone who showed.

    Next hearing, Tuesday, November 20, 11AM, room 808, Tokyo High Court, Kasumigaseki. Attend if you can.


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