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Hi Blog.  For Sunday easy listening (well, maybe not), here’s my most recent DEBITO.ORG PODCAST dated March 1, 2010.  Contents:

  • Japan Times JUST BE CAUSE Column 9, “Truth Octane and the Dilution of Debate” (November 4, 2008)
  • Japan Times JUST BE CAUSE Column 10, “Stray thoughts on Obama’s election” (December 2, 2008)
  • Japan Times JUST BE CAUSE Column 11, “Human Rights in Japan: A Review of 2008” (January 6, 2009)

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Thanks for listening!  Arudou Debito in Sapporo

2 comments on “DEBITO.ORG PODCAST MARCH 1, 2010

  • Sorry but I hope you’ve changed some of your opinions re: the “Truth Octane” concept and your selection of “Fahrenheit 911” and “An Inconvenient Truth”, (while using the words “irrefutably” and “conclusively”) as being examples of arguments that have “too much truth”.

    Calling any argument “irrefutable”, especially when there are plenty of legitimate, well-cited refutations (and even court cases) that actually refute them…well, it means you can’t honestly use the term “irrefutable” whatever side of the political spectrum you choose.

    Yes, there is a certain precentage of truth in these “documentaries”, it’s just a shame that better, fact-based works by more deserving and hard-working directors were denied Oscars based on political favoritism. (And I’m hoping The Cove wins this year! They earned it. Though no thanks to Gore and Moore, I have doubts about ANY documentary with a political agenda.)

    Anyway, for those who claim to have open minds, here are the most famous refutations.
    It’s too bad that refuting a falsehood takes a lot longer than it does to make something up.
    Those who refute lies are at a disadvantage in debate. A lie takes 5 seconds and goes down easy with one’s supporters. A refutation takes time and thought. People don’t like to take time and think, especially if it runs against their pre-conceived notions.

    I can say I’ve seen the movies AND the refutations. Both sides. Most don’t.

    Happy reading.

  • Level 3
    I know it’s important to study refutations of various points. However the challenges to human caused global warming and it’s motivations are rife in the world wide web, the most who don’t don’t spend time on the internets. I’m sorry that Al Gore made a movie on this. It’s turned a science issue into a political issue. If you’d like to read a science based skeptic web site about the debates on the issue I recommend this…
    Perhaps you’ll see why theres a consensus in the science community on this AGW issue.
    Anyway, this is my only comment on this since it’s not related to the content on this site, happy reading…

    — I’ll allow this through. But last post on this tangent, everyone, please.


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