March 29, 2010 JIPI speech on why Japan needs immigration: Download my powerpoint presentation here (Japanese)


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Hi Blog.  My FRANCA speech yesterday for JIPI went very well, with me reading my slides in Japanese probably the most comfortably ever (I felt I was really “in the zone”).  This blog entry is to make my powerpoint presentation public for download:

About 120 slides in Japanese (not all are visible, I hid about a third), making the case that Japan needs immigration, and presenting things in terms of “give and take” — what the GOJ must offer immigrants to make them come and stay, and what immigrants must do to make themselves assimilatable and contributing to this society.

Photos from the event:

Mr Sakanaka tells a joke about Debito.  Can’t remember what.

One of many, many slides, presenting irrefutable arguments…

Not a full house, but plenty of very attentive, earnest people.

I’ll also be at JIPI most of the time every day until Saturday.  If you’d like to have a chat with Mr Sakanaka with an introduction from me, do be in touch ( and drop by.

Arudou Debito in Tokyo

3 comments on “March 29, 2010 JIPI speech on why Japan needs immigration: Download my powerpoint presentation here (Japanese)

  • It took me a while to wade through all of the slides. Looks like you made some good points. Thank you for your hard work. お疲れ様~

    By the way, how long was your presentation for it to have that many slides? And could you describe the audience reaction?

    — I spoke for one hour and 35 minutes, and had time for three questions. Then we repaired for booze and had an even better talk. I think the audience reaction was very good indeed; got some followup today from two of the audience members.

  • John (Yokohama) says:

    “foreign human resources” doesn’t sound so inviting IMHO.

    In the thinking about it… lack of action department:

    “Japan to study removing work controls on foreign dentists, nurses”

    Japan to study removing work controls on foreign dentists, nurses
    Kyodo News Tuesday 30th March, 11:37 AM JST

    TOKYO —
    Japan will study eliminating current working restrictions on foreign dentists and nurses who have passed the country’s state qualification exams, a Justice Ministry plan showed Tuesday.

    The government is considering canceling working period limits in Japan of six years for foreign dentists, seven years for foreign nurses, and four years for foreign health workers, maternity nurses and practical nurses.

    The ministry plan says such restrictions are becoming unnecessary for those with specialized expertise in the medical and nursing-care fields amid the declining birthrate and rapidly aging population in Japan.

    The Justice Ministry compiled the first basic plan for immigratieon control in 1992 following a surge in the number of foreign visitors to Japan. The fourth plan would be a guideline for Japan’s immigration administration for the coming five years.

    The ministry will also study allowing foreigners who have graduated from schools in Japan and acquired licenses as nursing-care workers to work in Japan, the plan said.

    The Japanese government does not currently allow foreign caregivers to work in Japan in principle, except for those from Indonesia and the Philippines who have come to Japan under bilateral free trade agreements.

    The 33-page document also said Japan plans to actively accept high-level foreign human resources as part of efforts to help create fresh social vitality and strengthen Japan’s international competitiveness.

    As examples for such high-level human resources, the document cited researchers, scientists and professors in the academic field, medical and law practitioners and information technology engineers in the specialized professional sector, and business executives in the management field.

    Japan also plans to launch a point system for high-level foreign human resources that would cover such aspects as academic records, qualifications, professional careers and research achievements.

    Those receiving a high point level would be allowed to enter Japan more easily and to remain in the country.

  • You might reach more people by posting files as PDF instead of PPT. Acrobat reader is free and works with all systems and browsers. It should be easy to export to PDF, and there’s less risk of someone doing something malicious with the slides later.


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