Exclusive: Full UN Rapporteur Bustamante March 31 press conference on Japan’s human rights Mar 31 2010 downloadable here as a podcast


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By Arudou Debito, exclusive to

( TOKYO MARCH 31, 2010 — Dr Jorge A. Bustamante, United Nations Special Rapporteur for the Human Rights of Migrants, gave an hourlong press conference at United Nations Information Center, United Nations University, Japan.

Dr Jorge Bustamante gives a press conference in Tokyo.  Photo by Arudou Debito

Assisted by the International Organization for Migration and Japan’s civil society groups, Dr Bustamante concluded nine days, March 23 to March 30, of a fact-finding mission around Japan, making stops in Tokyo, Yokohama, Hamamatsu, and Toyoda City. He met with representatives of various groups, including Zainichi Koreans, Chinese, Brazilians, Filipinos, women immigrants and their children, “Newcomer” immigrant and migrant Non-Japanese, and veterans of Japan’s Immigration Detention Centers.

He also met with Japanese government representatives, including the ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs, and Justice. He also met with local government officials in Hamamatsu City (including the Hamamatsu “Hello Work “ Unemployment Agency), the mayor of Toyoda City, and others.

He debriefed the Japanese Government today before his press conference.

The press conference can be heard in its entirety, from Dr Bustamante’s entrance to his exit, on the DEBITO.ORG PODCAST MARCH 31, 2010, downloadable from here:


Duration: One hour five minutes.  Unedited.  I ask a question around minute 40.

Dr Bustamante’s official read statement, also audible in the podcast, is available in its entirety on in the next blog entry.

Arudou Debito, reporting for in Tokyo.
March 31, 2010

3 comments on “ Exclusive: Full UN Rapporteur Bustamante March 31 press conference on Japan’s human rights Mar 31 2010 downloadable here as a podcast

  • The Q&A was a bit disappointing – for a session of that length barely anything was said. It’s hard to blame Bustamante considering the protocols he needs to adhere to, but I wonder why they chose the “open” format instead of accepting pre-submissions so they could answer more questions in the time available, rather than spending several minutes translating each question and its empty diplomatic reply.

    Do they do this to appear impartial? To appeal to the press, who may not attend if the questions are not “live”?

  • Could I request some follow-up information on the Iranian who may be deported and executed. Do you know any information about this?

    — I have no more information than that.


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