JALT PALE NEWSLETTER May 2010 (pdf file)


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Hi Blog. The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) SIG group Professionalism, Administration, and Leadership in Education (PALE) has just put out its next semiannual newsletter for the season.

Contents include 2010 average salary scales for university educators in the Kansai region (see how your salary stacks up; I’m about 300 man below average), a report on JALT’s advertising policies for unfair workplaces, a quick look at teaching licenses in Japan, MEXT scholarships and how international students are adversely treated, and how a university educator stopped his contract termination by hiring a lawyer.

Download PDF file of the newsletter here:

See PALE’s current archives at
See past archives at

I have been a member in good standing with this group for well over a decade, and spent several years editing the newsletter myself. Always worth your time and attention. And if you’re a member of JALT, do join our group. Our table is always the most exciting and I spend more time there every year than anywhere else.

Arudou Debito in Sapporo

2 comments on “JALT PALE NEWSLETTER May 2010 (pdf file)

  • treblekickeresq says:

    I’ve seen that annual list of Kansai university salaries around for quite a while now. Does anybody know how it got started? Why isn’t there a similar list for Kanto and other regions?

    — Because the Kansai Area labor unions make it public. Would be nice if the Kanto etc. ones did too.

  • Debito,
    Thanks for posting that newsletter.

    However, the archives links you provided go to a Moodle page. I can get in with guest access, but after that is done, there is no further access to 2010 information for guests. How can non-members of PALE see the archives?

    On the Moodle page for the 2009 info, a password is required, but clicking on the 2 names of people it says you should contact to get the password, the site does a Catch-22 and sends you back to the signup page again. How does one get into the 2009 info?

    On your second link above, the information is 5 years old. Where can people find info between 2005 and 2010 from PALE?


    — I’m not in charge of the moodle site, sorry. Try sending this to the PALE list (you’re a member, Glenski), and we’ll get this rectified. As for the more recent newsletters, I don’t have them. Sorry.

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