Fingerprinting of NJ issue summarized as animation. Spread it around.


Hi Blog. Fingerprinting of NJ issue aptly summarized in animation. Spread it around.

Welcome to Japan.gif

Download it from here and use as you like:

Courtesy of UTU’s Nick Wood. Thanks very much, and well done. Arudou Debito in Sapporo

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    Hi Debito

    First of all, thanks for having this amazing website!

    Okay – On to the reason I am writing:

    Since I found out about the biometric data collection, I’ve been talking to many Japanese about it. The thing is, many people don’t seem to realize how serious this issue is and how much it could affect the lives of many non-Japanese. I think the message isn’t getting through and needs WAY more publicity IN JAPANESE.

    I think that one way the message could be spread is through YouTube. That gif anime from Nick Wood could be put to much better use if it were placed on YouTube with a link to the petition and some final words in Japanese like: “Please ask your government why they are doing this to us.” Then in the closing seconds, provide phone numbers and email addresses to various politicians in charge of this scheme. The title of the video could be written in Japanese so as to attract Japanese to the video. So many people around the world tune in to YouTube – more and more often I hear how my Japanese friends have tuned into it. It might be a great way to gather more international steam for this issue.

    The major problem is getting through to our Japanese friends and partners IN JAPANESE – language barriers and all and the need for a few folks to see everything through rose-tinted glasses. Not all of us are as fluent (or well-spoken in Japanese) as you are, nor do we have a collection of links like you do. Plus, part of the problem is getting a person to sit down long enough to read through your site.

    So… on to idea number two:

    I believe that another method of combating this is for someone ( a very fluent someone) to write a personal letter (with petition link) to the Japanese about what’s going on and how this could deeply upset our lives in Japan. If I had a link to a personal letter like that, written in Japanese, I could simply SEND IT to every single person I know. In addition, that would have the added bonus of being circulated via forwarding email. It could really get the message out to the people who have the most power to change the course of policies. Again, this could be posted to YouTube in a video as well. If I was anywhere fluent enough to do so, and had the skills to make a decent gif anime like Mr. Wood, I would do it myself. But I’m not.

    Regardless, YouTube is out there for our use and it could serve us well in this endeavor. Just getting a few videos out there about the whole situation (even in English) will assist in spreading the word to would-be, unknowing travelers. Plus, it *might* just get some more international press and add to that ‘outside pressure’.

    Thanks for your time and dedication to our causes, Debito. You really DO deserve more credit for what you do. Also, thanks for taking the time to read this email. Even though it might be asking a lot, I hope you can do more with these ideas than I can.


    Someone who wishes to remain relatively anonymous in these trying times – privacy and all that. 😉


    We certainly need to get the message across in Japanese, and it would be great if the animation got be on YouTube – the more people who know about this issue, the better. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to put it there. As far as I know, YouTube doesn’t support gif animations and it would have to “appear” within a video format. I could add frames beginning and end with text, but these wouldn’t support an html link to the petition.

    Anyone out there who knows how to convert gif animations to wav, or create a video with an animation insert??


  • Larry Fordyce says:

    Hey, I converted it to an AVI file. Will that work? It will show in current media player.



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