Japan Times column on JET Programme goes viral: Most-read article for two days and counting


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Hi Blog. On Tuesday my latest Japan Times JUST BE CAUSE column came out on the JET Programme, where I argued that the program, under review for cuts or abolition, should not be abolished because it is doing something meaningful, moreover is getting a bad rap for Japan’s low language ability under an already psychotic Eigo Kyouiku system (read the article as yesterday’s blog entry or up at the Japan Times at http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fl20100907ad.html).

Well, the news is that the article has gone viral.  According to the Japan Times’ top-ten ranking of most-read articles (updated every three hours for three-hour segments of the day, see it on any page of the JT, right-hand column, in a tab above the website poll), the article was #1 all day on Tuesday, #2 most of the day Wednesday, and it bounced back UP to #1 this morning.

AFAIK this has never happened before to my JT articles, and I’ve been writing for the JT since 2002 with a monthly column since 2008.  Although I’ve hit #1 for stretches before, few articles authored by anyone stay at the top for this long.  I want to thank everyone who took the time to read it moreover passed it on to others.  Here’s hoping it adds constructively to the debate.  Arudou Debito in Tokyo

6 comments on “Japan Times column on JET Programme goes viral: Most-read article for two days and counting

  • Great article, but the popularity it is not surprising. In fact, it may be evidence to support the wide-reaching influence of the JET program. Practically every English-speaking expat in Japan knows what JET is, right?

    I suppose current JETs are reading it out of self-interest, and past JETs out of self-interest and nostalgia. And even non-JETs in eikaiwa-land (more than a few of whom are shall we say – envious – of the JET salary and conditions) might be watching this issue for the schadenfreude. That’s a huge proportion of the expat community in and out of Japan.

    Now, do you get royalties from clicks? 🙂

    — Nope.


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