Thrice-convicted crooked Dietmember Suzuki Muneo gets his: Supreme Court rejects appeal, jail time looms


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Hi Blog.  Good news.  Former LDP kingpin (now in his own little Hokkaido-based Party of One) Suzuki Muneo, who was twice convicted in lower courts of corruption charges, has just been convicted a third time by having his appeal rejected by the Supreme Court.

This ‘orrible little man has been of concern to for many years now, because he has shown just how some people (one of us Dosanko, no less) are above the law.  His life as case study demonstrates how in Japanese politics, a bent LDP bigwig could manipulate public policy (he was once known as the Shadow Foreign Minister, establishing under-the table kickback relationships — using GOJ discretionary budgets — with places like Russia and Tanzania, putting “Muneo Houses” in places like the Northern Territories (which he claimed were within his electorate in Outback Hokkaido). Not only that, he could get reelected despite repeated convictions just by appealing to a higher court.  See more on Muneo here, and here’s a contemporary essay from 2002 (shortly before his downfall) depicting what shenanigans he was up to in real time.

Well, it only took eight years since his arrest to get this guy properly sentenced, but there you go: That’s how slowly our judiciary moves.  Muneo faces jail time and loss of Diet seat. Good. Sadly, we’re bound to see this guy turn up again like a bent yen coin in our pocket. He’ll be incarcerated for a couple of years, wait out his five-year ban on running again, and no doubt throw his hat back in the ring before he hits his seventieth birthday. Hokkaido people can be that desperate to elect this man (one of the most charismatic Japanese politicians I’ve ever met) and he’ll be back protesting the rapaciousness of the Public Prosecutor. Article excerpt from the Japan Times follows. Arudou Debito in Tokyo


The Japan Times: Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010
Lawmaker Suzuki loses bribery appeal
Supreme Court decision means loss of Diet seat and prison time
Compiled from Kyodo, Staff report

The Supreme Court has turned down an appeal by Lower House member Muneo Suzuki to overturn a bribery conviction, meaning he will likely lose his Diet seat and go to prison.

The decision, which took effect Tuesday and was made public Wednesday, came nearly six years after the Tokyo District Court handed Suzuki a two-year prison term and an ¥11 million fine in November 2004 for four counts, including taking bribes from two Hokkaido companies. The Tokyo High Court upheld the ruling in February 2008.

Suzuki, 62, said Wednesday he will “keep fighting” in the courts, reiterating that he never took a bribe.

“Under any environment, I will keep fighting against the power of prosecutors,” he said…

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4 comments on “Thrice-convicted crooked Dietmember Suzuki Muneo gets his: Supreme Court rejects appeal, jail time looms

  • If ever was there a greasier snake in the grass politician spewed out of Japanese politics than this scumbag, I’ve yet to hear the name. Here’s hoping Muneo finds a 275lb amorous cell mate.

  • The Japan Times, Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010
    Ruling forces Suzuki out of Diet
    Kyodo News

    Long-standing Lower House lawmaker Muneo Suzuki has lost his seat in the Diet following the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear his complaint over its recent rejection of his attempt to fight bribery conviction.

    With the top court’s decision, dated Wednesday and made public Thursday, Suzuki’s sentence of a two-year prison term and an ¥11 million fine is subsequently finalized and he is expected to be sent to prison soon.

    Suzuki, 62, chairman of the Lower House Committee on Foreign Affairs, is also banned from running for public office for five years after completing his sentence.

  • The Japan Times Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010
    Ex-lawmaker Suzuki has cancer
    Kyodo News

    Former House of Representatives lawmaker Muneo Suzuki said Wednesday he has esophageal cancer and will likely undergo surgery next week, a development that could postpone his imprisonment.

    The 62-year-old leader of the small New Party Daichi lost his Diet seat and is set to serve a two-year prison term as his conviction on four counts, including bribery, was finalized last month.

    He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer earlier this month, he said at a meeting in Tokyo. He was expected to be sent to prison this month, but the schedule will likely be delayed.

    In 2003, Suzuki gave up running in the Lower House election as he was diagnosed with gastric cancer and underwent an operation.

  • The Japan Times Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010

    Ex-minister Suzuki imprisoned over Hokkaido scandals
    Kyodo News

    Former House of Representatives lawmaker Muneo Suzuki was imprisoned Monday for bribery and other crimes after his conviction was finalized by the Supreme Court in September.

    The 62-year-old leader of New Party Daichi, a small political party, is to be jailed for about 17 months after getting credit for time spent in detention during the investigation and court proceedings.

    His imprisonment was postponed after he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in October and underwent surgery and other treatment.

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