Kaoru/Coal manga on the “Mischievous Stealth Provocateur Debito”


Happy Boxing Day, readers. As another special treat, let me send you this manga created by fellow naturalized citizen Kaoru, who scribbles with great aplomb on a situation I’m bound to encounter sooner or later. In great manga style–so that’s how I look to some… Love it.

Blogged here with permission, original page at http://www.restall.org/2007/12/debito-mischievous-stealth-provocateur.html. Provocateur Debito in Sapporo

(Click on image to expand in browser.)

1 comment on “Kaoru/Coal manga on the “Mischievous Stealth Provocateur Debito”

  • Cute. That reminds me of something. Allow a slight hijack. It seems to me that Japanese applaud “civil rights/human rights/equal rights” leaders who stand up for their people IN OTHER COUNTRIES (which displaces WA), but most Japanese look down on any gaijin who would do the same in Nippon.


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