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Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination

  • Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination
  • (Lexington Books, Rowman & Littlefield HB 2015, PB 2016)

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  • Book IN APPROPRIATE: A novel of culture, kidnapping, and revenge in modern Japan
  • CONTEST FOR READERS: Submit Blog/RSS logo for

    Posted by Dr. ARUDOU, Debito on November 11th, 2009

    Handbook for Newcomers, Migrants, and Immigrants to Japan\Foreign Residents and Naturalized Citizens Association forming NGO\「ジャパニーズ・オンリー 小樽入浴拒否問題と人種差別」(明石書店)JAPANESE ONLY:  The Otaru Hot Springs Case and Racial Discrimination in JapansourstrawberriesavatardebitopodcastthumbUPDATES ON TWITTER: arudoudebito
    Hi Readers.  It’s getting about time for me to put podcasts up on iTunes, and that will mean will have avenues to the outside world in a much smaller (and influential) audio pond.  People exercising, commuting, or otherwise exercising their ears as well as their brains will be able to hear about what’s going on here like never before.

    To that end, friends have advised me to try and make look a little more professional to the outside world.  (Well, try, anyway.)

    Although has been purely a solo effort since 1997 (I’ve archived and blogged all the many thousands of articles and posts (even those guest-written by outside contributors), read and approved each of the 10,000-plus comments here, and kept all the records alive on Google for free access for all), I’ve been told that just putting my photo up on iTunes would probably look less appealing (no wonder) than a really smart-looking logo.

    This is where you come in.  Those  who have a yen for graphic design, would you please consider making a Blog/RSS image, meaning a square logo that captures, in your opinion, the essence of

    The size that is mandatory for iTunes is 300 x 300 pixels (with a second version I have to shrink down to 144 x 144 pixels, which I can do on my iPhoto easily).  So it’s pretty small, not much detail.  It can include words or not, graphics or not, as you please.  Please send as a reproduceable graphics file (not pdf, and jpg is best)

    But I’d like to open this up to anyone who’d like to submit (, email subject line “DEBITO.ORG logo submission”).  Due date Tuesday November 17, 10PM JST.  Please also include the name you’d like to be called as a submitter.  I’ll have the best submissions up here on later on.

    There’s no real money involved in this, sorry (just my gratitude, and if you’d like a plug for your graphics services, I’d be happy to do so gratis on  But if you’ve liked what you read so far here and have thought about giving a little something back, much obliged!

    Thanks for reading and considering!  Arudou Debito in Sapporo

    2 Responses to “CONTEST FOR READERS: Submit Blog/RSS logo for”

    1. Marius Says:

      Hi Debito,

      It’d be great if you could provide a little more material.

      Say, a few suggestive lines of copy to choose from.
      Perhaps something to sum up what the podcasts will focus on if they are to be different from the site, or something more general- or invitational depending on what kind of people you are trying to reach through iTunes.

      — I understand. Frankly, I’d rather not say anything more than this. I’d rather see what the fertile minds of readers come up with when they envision “”. Please?

    2. debito Says:

      UPDATE: Three submissions already so far! Thanks! Keep them coming! Debito

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