Sneak Preview: My next Japan Times JUST BE CAUSE column 55 on the adverse affects of modesty and humility


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Hi Blog. Hope you had a good summer in the Northern Hemisphere. We’re back after a few weeks off. To break the fast of entries, here’s a sneak preview of my next Japan Times column, which is out within 48 hours. Enjoy.


ON MODESTY AND HUMILITY (tentative title)
By ARUDOU Debito
JUST BE CAUSE Column 55 for the Japan Times Community Page
To be published Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As per this column’s title, this month’s topic was chosen, well, “just because” it’s been on my mind.

Some weeks ago I was asked to give a speech at my current research institute. When I offered workshops on activism and racial discrimination in Japan in general, they asked for something more personal: “Tell us how you’ve made a difference in Japan.”

I said, “How can I do that without sounding boastful and self-aggrandizing?”

They had no answer. Thus this perfectly legitimate topic was oddly taboo only because I would be talking about myself. That’s when I became aware of the undermining effects of modesty and humility…


Read the rest on Tuesday! Arudou Debito

UPDATE:  Here it is:

2 comments on “Sneak Preview: My next Japan Times JUST BE CAUSE column 55 on the adverse affects of modesty and humility

  • Interested in this one Debito. Best of luck!

    I am hoping it might provide something beyond the Ruth Benedict cultural lines I hear all of the time from people in Japan.

  • Looking forward to this one Debito!

    I’ve always been a bit concerned that some of the younger NJ may be enjoying their somewhat limited rights and freedoms in Japan without the awareness of who was responsible for them. I’m hoping this is the start of Debito showing us some rightful pride in his achievements, some of us think you have been doing a great job by the way, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting some well-deserved accolades for that!


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