Yahoo News/AP: Newest “Yokoso Japan” rep: Hello Kitty!



Hi Blog. Guess what. Hello Kitty has joined author Alex Kerr as a Yokoso Japan Ambassador! She’s in good company.

Still, if I were a real grouch, I’d talk about felled trees (or wasted electrons) devoted to this story, and herald the fall of modern civilization. But I’m not that grouchy today, and like it or not, people have a weakness for cutsies, anime, dollies, fat beasts, stuffed animals, etc. (hell, Japan will even make honorary residents of them, instead of real live taxpaying foreigners). So the following story is within character.

But I wonder–given that she lives in London (yes!): Does Hello Kitty get fingerprinted every time she re-enters Japan? Or if she is actually a Japanese citizen, whether she faces ijime for being a kikoku shijou (or if she is an adult, she gets told she’s not Japanese enough since she lives overseas). Well, she’s got the perfect poker face–no mouth to frown with, or speak with to be judged on her Japanese language ability…

Okay, I’m getting overly grouchy 🙂 Enjoy the story. The tactics appear to be working–tourism to Japan continues to hit record levels. Arudou Debito in Sapporo

Hello Kitty is named Japan tourism ambassador
By TOMOKO A. HOSAKA, Associated Press Writer
Mon May 19, 2008 Yahoo News/AP
Courtesy of Chad Edwards

Hello Kitty — Japan’s ubiquitous ambassador of cute — has built up an impressive resume over the years. Global marketing phenom. Fashion diva. Pop culture icon. Now the moonfaced feline can add “government envoy” to the list. The tourism ministry on Monday named Hello Kitty as its choice to represent the country in China and Hong Kong, two places where she is wildly popular among kids and young women.

Officials hope that tapping into that fan base will lead to a bigger flow of tourists into Japan, and closer toward their goal of attracting 10 million overseas visitors every year under the “Visit Japan” campaign.

Last year the number of foreign tourists traveling to Japan hit a record high of 8.35 million, up 60 percent since the government began the marketing effort in 2003.

Arrivals from China and Hong Kong, who accounted for 16.5 percent of visitors to Japan last year, are poised this year to become the second-largest group of tourists after South Koreans.

At a press conference, Sanrio Co. President Shintaro Tsuji called Hello Kitty’s new appointment “an honor” and pledged to “work hard to attract many visitors.”

Japan’s other goodwill tourism ambassadors include Korean singer Younha, Japanese actress Yoshino Kimura and Japanese pop/rock duo Puffy AmiYumi.

Although this is the first time the tourism ministry has tapped a fictional character for the role, the foreign ministry in March inaugurated blue robo-cat Doraemon as Japan’s “anime ambassador.”

Designed in 1974 by Sanrio, Hello Kitty first appeared on a plastic coin purse. Her image today has become one of the most powerful brands in the world, adorning some 50,000 products in 60 countries.

In China, Kitty-fever has already broken out.

A multi-million-dollar musical featuring Hello Kitty opened earlier this year in Beijing and is in the midst of a national tour. “Hello Kitty’s Dream Light Fantasy” is then scheduled to travel to Malaysia, Singapore and the U.S. over its three-year run.

According to her official profile from Sanrio, Hello Kitty lives with her family in London. It does not mention how often she visits Japan.

5 comments on “Yahoo News/AP: Newest “Yokoso Japan” rep: Hello Kitty!

  • > The tactics appear to be working–tourism to Japan continues to hit record levels.

    Of people I know planning to visit Japan.

    5 Cancelled their trips due to the fingerprinting foreigners
    1 Said they’d take one last trip
    1 Said they didn’t care and would keep going

    Tourism’s increase may be due to the weak Japanese currency (Thanks Koizumu and Abe for running the yen into the ground!) but without the fingerprinting it would be higher.

  • Hello Kitty is the modern version of Big Brother / Eye of Sauron. She will stare at you, with emotionless, pit-deep eyes, from everywhere… shops, beauty products, your credit cards and even condoms (!!).
    Resisting is vain… you will be assimilated

  • Andrew Smallacombe says:

    IsnIt funny how money-grabbing, souless corporations and organizations are represented by cute characters that could be marketed to 3 year olds?

  • We are the Hello Kitty. Open the wallet and pay for us. We will add your payment to our collection. Your mind will adapt to love us. Resistance is futile…

  • I heard that Kitty was being sold all over the world. Selling her for profit no less. Has anyone asked Kitty how she feels? Sounds like exploitation to me. The whole Kitty enterprise truly personifies Japan Inc. Cute and cuddly on the surface but cool, calculating and ruthless underneath.
    Makes perfect sense to use her image to attract unwary travelers doesn’t it! Giving away cannabis to new arrivals in Kitty bento boxes would be a nice touch.


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