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Hi Blog.  Some new things to report about the Blog: was first created in 1997 as an archive of my essays up to that point.  I never imagined back then that it would become a source of information on life and human rights in Japan.  And I never thought it would become a daily-updated project that would take up so much of my life.

Now with the Blog (created back in Summer 2006) becoming one of the most-accessed sites here, it’s time to make it the “main page” (i.e. the first thing people see when they click on, with links back to the traditional, hand-built text sites that have always been the mainstay.

The Blog has also been revamped to make updates easier, make the cover page easier to read in summary, and resolve some problems that over the past month made it inaccessible from time to time (causing Google to delist us for the time being; long story, but this was due to hidden text issues I was completely unaware of.  I’ve since reapplied for relisting, should be approved when Google gets through the mountain of sites in the same situation.)

I want to thank everyone for reading and contributing their thoughts to, and I hope that the issues and information raised here help people make a better life for themselves in Japan.

Arudou Debito in Sapporo

5 comments on “BLOG BIZ: Blog becomes’s main page, revamp

  • Philip Adamek says:

    Great. It was surely time for the change. The previous front page was a little wilderness of its own. I have for a long time opened up the blog first, anyway, but I think this will clarify things for your visitors.

  • Just in case no one has told you yet, the top page of your blog no longer displays correctly in Internet Explorer 7.

    –Thanks for telling me! We’ll try to get that fixed ASAP. Debito

  • I would suggest moving links from the top of the page to the right, replacing useless “Recent posts” column. They are taking way too much space up there, not to mention being ALL CAPS, WHICH IS VERY HARD TO READ.

  • If anything, just fix the spacing and formating so we don’t have to scroll past the side bars to get to the posts.

  • Oh, also books, FRANCA, and sticker banners really belong to the top right corner of the page, not beginning of each entry. You will also save efforts of pasting them each time you write something.


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