23 comments on “Tangent: Silly Beard Poll

  • If a Star Trek movie is casting… you will make a lovely Klingon. It would be better with a mustache.


    — Kaplah! Pass the blood wine! (I’ve gone off prune juice…)

    Anyway, I have done the mustache and full beard in the past. The mustache comes out stringy and wiry, not thick (and I have a habit of biting on it in idle moments). The rest of the beard comes out like Karl Marx’s (I used to hide pencils in it back in college). Going for the chin look this time, seeing how it comes out.

  • Andrew Smallacombe says:

    As my mum used to say when I had a mustache: “If it grows wild on your bum, why cultivate it on your face?”
    Save the photo for a “Good Debito/Bad Debito” collum.

  • I like it, it’s dignified. Gives you an air of authority!

    — Well, if that’s all it takes, I’d have done it sooner! 🙂

  • Dr Weissnix says:

    Great! The very small number of people with beard living in Japan is growing. But I’m biased due to my own preference.

  • The reason your beard grows sparse is because you probally never served in the military. Your beard will grow out real fast in there, lots of dry shaving out in the field. Does wonders for facial hair.

    — That it does. Done plenty of dry shaving in the Boy Scouts, as a ranger at Philmont. Beard grows fine. Still didn’t do much for my mustache, though.

  • Very professorial (if that’s a word!). Looks good.

    — If it ain’t a word, it oughta be… Especially in this case! 🙂

  • the way i figure it, a beard increases your overall surface area which puts you more in touch with the universe. and that, if i may swear, is unfuckablewith.


    Dude, you’re a Japanese citizen now. There are only 2 types of goatee available to you: The few pathetic little wisps of hair that men under 30 can sometimes grow, or the long grey pointy kind seen on elderly masters in martial arts movies. You have chosen a goatee incompatible with your passport.

    Maybe that can be your new “hook”: ”Debito Arudou, a Japanese man who can grow a proper goatee!”

  • I’ve always said that beards are like automatic-only driving licenses. When you get to know somebody with a beard, they can only sport a beard in your presence from then on, as they will forever look strange without one. When you get to know somebody without a beard though, they’ll look fine either way.

    If you can cultivate it properly, it might be worth getting yourself a really sinister looking picture for use in any news articles where you’ve been setting the cat amongst the pigeons.

  • hmmm I like the beard, but I agree with several comments, maybe try a more top-involved style (like more mustache) and increased length (like let the beard grow to your side burns would help balance it all out.


    from san francisco,

    rock that beard!


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