GAIJIN HANZAI Mag publisher “Joey Washington” a penname, not allowed


Hi Blog. According to a friend, whenever you publish something in Japan, you must put down the publisher’s name. On the GAIJIN HANZAI Mag, it is listed as “Joey H. Washington”, which is clearly a pseudonym, given the information below.

This is apparently not permitted under Japanese publishing laws. I’m in transit down south, and don’t have time to do research on this at the moment (so I’ll throw it out to the blogosphere for somebody else). Anyone want to do some research on the laws or the people involved here?

Information from a friend follows. Debito

I’m given to understand that ISBN registration requires use of real
names, and “Joey H. Washington” does not appear on the Mook’s registration,
which is as follows.

Notice publisher number at top is 7542.

ISBN of the mook is 9784754256180.

This parses as 978-4-7542-56180.

978 is general classification for book.

4 means Japan.

7542 is Eichi code.

56180 is the specific ISBN the published has assigned for the book for a list of purchased valid numbers.

Company website has more information on company.

代表取締役社長 is 上野文明.

Someone should telephone to 03-6419-2750 (or number given in magazine) and ask to speak to the person named in the mook as its publisher — or to Ueno if that doesn’t get the response you want.


6 comments on “GAIJIN HANZAI Mag publisher “Joey Washington” a penname, not allowed

  • The publication Date is listed as; 発行日2007年2月28日

    2007 Feb 28th.

    That seems a bit odd that they are selling the mag before it has been offically published…or am I missing something?

  • “The publication Date is listed as; 発行日2007年2月28日”

    That’s normal, and happens to all other publications as well.

  • If using a pseudonym does turn out to be illegal to be used for the publisher, then there must be a government office of some sort which looks into these things.

    Perhaps it would be possible to report the publishing company and get them in some sort legal trouble?

    I’m sure the publisher wouldn’t mind. I mean, the publishing company is so worried about crime that they decided to single out just the foreigners in Japan, I think it would be the proper thing to make Japan a better place and making sure that the publishing company is also held accountable for their illegal actions.

    Freedom of speech I agree with, but then publishing companies should also be required to follow the law.

  • it has not been pulled says:

    The magazine is now hidden from plain veiw. I have purchased 3 magazines as of Feburary 15. I have the reciepts for verification if needed. They are still on the shelves people. They are only publicly saying they have removed them. I am on the hunt and will not stop until they can tell me why public displays of affection are a crime. Which doesn’t warrant racial epithets


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