Mainichi: 3 Chinese arrested over paternity scam to get child Japanese citizenship


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Hi Blog. Here’s an article in the Mainichi about a new form of crime:  NJ falsifying paternity under Nationality Law revisions to try to claim Japanese citizenship.  No doubt in the current NJ Blame Game climate we’ll get the Right Wing and wary xenophobes citing this as cases of NJ and the evils they do, and that we cannot give an inch (or amend any laws in future) to make life easier for NJ to immigrate and have their rights protected (after all, they might turn around and use potential legal loopholes as a means for criminal activity).

But to me (and this is not to excuse their crime) this issue is a matter of forgery that only NJ can do (after all, Japanese already have citizenship), and this is what criminals (again, regardless of nationality) get up to.  People forging names for, say, fake bank accounts (and we won’t even get into white-collar crime and business fraud) happens aplenty in Japan, and not all of it makes the news.  So I say:  Whenever it happens, catch it, expose it, report it, and punish it, regardless of nationality.  But don’t say NJ are doing it because NJ (especially Chinese, according to Tokyo Gov Ishihara) are more likely to commit crime.

Fortunately, the Mainichi doesn’t take that tack.  It just reports the facts of the case.  Good.

Sorry, not a pencil-dropping comment, but it has to be said sometime somewhere by somebody.  Voila.  Debito in Sapporo


3 Chinese arrested over paternity scam to get child Japanese citizenship

(Mainichi Japan) February 13, 2009, Courtesy of Jeff K.

An unmarried Chinese couple and another Chinese woman were arrested Friday for using the name of a Japanese man in a paternity recognition document in a bid to obtain Japanese citizenship for the couple’s child and acquire permanent residency for themselves, police said.

Wang Zong, 29, and Shen Nan, 28, both unemployed, and company worker Guo Qingqing, 34, are accused of forging private documents.

“I thought this would let our child and us stay in Japan as a family. We wanted our daughter to be educated in Japan,” Wang was quoted as telling investigators during questioning.

According to the revised Nationality Law that went into effect in January, children of unmarried Japanese fathers and foreign mothers can obtain Japanese citizenship if the father recognizes paternity.

The suspects submitted a paternity recognition form to the Higashikurume Municipal Government in Tokyo in January last year for Wang and Shen’s 1-year-old daughter, which indicated the father as a 56-year-old Japanese man, investigators said.

Guo masterminded the crime, using the name of a Japanese acquaintance who was in prison at the time and was not in on the scam, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. Shen paid Guo an 800,000 yen fee.

(Mainichi Japan) February 13, 2009


偽の認知届提出:中国人男女を逮捕 子供の日本国籍狙い

毎日新聞 2009年2月13日






毎日新聞 2009年2月13日 13時22分(最終更新 2月13日 19時47分)

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