Former PM Aso’s last mail magazine: still a sore loser


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Hi Blog. Here’s Aso’s final email mag, with his capitulation, kinda.  No gracious nods to the victors (perhaps because the LDP has never been so soundly the non-victor).  Note how the major issue Aso mentions below, other than the usual fluff about serving the people, is his stance against North Korea. Maybe that in the end is not “the essence of conservative politics”, but of LDP politics:   scare the electorate into accepting the status quo, since who know what lies ahead if you ever diverge from the precedented path? Fortunately, it didn’t sell this election. Arudou Debito in Shikoku


From: “Cabinet”
Date: September 3, 2009 14:32:38 GMT+09:00
Subject: [Aso Cabinet E-mail Magazine No.44] (September 3, 2009)

Aso Cabinet E-mail Magazine No.44 (September 3, 2009)

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“Politics will continue”
— Message from the Prime Minister (Provisional Translation)

In the recent general election of members of the House of
Representatives, we failed to meet the expectations of the people
with a regrettable result.

I accept with sincerity the people’s dissatisfaction with the
government and ruling parties and criticism toward them.

We must seriously reflect upon matters such as whether we responded
effectively to the people’s dissatisfaction over the various social
issues, including the disparity issue and the sense of helplessness
in the society, and whether we sent out a message on policies fully
and unfailingly.

I have boldly advanced policies, placing the foremost priority on
reviving the economy.

Japan was facing a historic global recession and experiencing
a downturn of its economy when I assumed the office of
Prime Minister on September 24 last year. At that time, I had given
priority to policy over politics, or economic and unemployment
countermeasures over a general election, in order to safeguard the
daily lives of the Japanese people.

Abnormal circumstances require extraordinary countermeasures;
we have passed four budgets in six months. This could not have been
realized were bureaucrats to take the rein. The result was a 3.7%
annualized real economic growth rate for April to June this year,
the highest rate among the developed nations. The economic
countermeasures have thus started to bring about their results.

Yet, we have only reached half-way. If we were to think of the
people’s daily lives, I am convinced that I have made the right
decision to prioritize policy over politics.

I am also confident that I have advanced the correct policies on
the North Korean issue, the fight against terrorism, and measures
to counter piracy, with an aim to safeguard the nation and the

However, my inadequacy led to this result. I offer a frank apology
and take sincere heed of the people’s voice, determined to make
a fresh start. Safeguard what must be safeguarded. Reform to
safeguard what must be safeguarded. Change what must be changed.
This is the essence of conservative politics.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the readers of this
e-mail magazine for having taken the time to read it. The various
opinions for criticism and encouragement have all spurred me on and
given me the courage to drive forward policies. Thank you so very

I pledge that I will continue to make my utmost efforts and achieve
politics that meets public expectations.

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5 comments on “Former PM Aso’s last mail magazine: still a sore loser

  • he sounds like a sore loser, he should of saved his party and resigned a year ago.he was the captain of the titanic hahaha
    at least he paid for my dinner at outback steak house with the 12,000yen that he gave me in a cash handout

  • Deepspacebeans says:

    “reform to safeguard what must be safeguarded”

    Change to make sure things stay the same.

    I like this whole, “I was willing to forsake the electorate for the good of the country” delusion. Playing the martyr of conservative politics is a class act.

  • I suppose a constantly falling approval rating is not indactive enough for him to realise he is out of tune with the times…..only an election has made his arrogance see that not everyone agrees with him…..yet still doesn’t accept it! Such blinding arrogance….which is what the ‘old guard’ expect neh?..don’t question..just do!

  • Most of what Aso wrote isn’t so bad, but its not particularly meaningful. 4 budgets in a year indicates the desperation. He was just the monkey that sat on the top of a rotting edifice called The Liberal Democrat Party, a misnomer if ever there was one. Its not liberal, its not democratic (behind closed doors) and its not even a party, but rather an umbrella organization of disparate sects.

    The folly-the arrogance- of Aso, the man who would be king, was that he thought he could make a difference in this Scylla and Chabylis position. He, like Obuchi (RIP), Fukuda, and Abe, would ve given up before long in any case. He visibly aged while in office.

    On the contrary, the LDP WAS (past tense) the group LEAST fit to govern, as it was too wide and unwieldy to pass any change of significance.

    I m looking forward to Minshito freeing the Japanese people from the white collar slavery of 14 hour days and 35%tax/insurance they labor under.


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