DEBITO.ORG END-YEAR POLL: “What do you think are the top issues in 2010 that affected NJ in Japan?”


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Hi Blog. As part of the end-year roundup, here are a few issues I thought would be interesting for discussion. Looking back, what do you think are the most influential events that affected NJ in Japan? Here are some of ones I thought were noteworthy, in no particular order:

What do you think are the top issues in 2010 that affected NJ in Japan?

  • Far-rightists question credentials of DPJ reformists by claiming they have NJ roots
  • Suraj Case of death during deportation
  • Long-dead Centenarians still registered as alive (yet NJ remain unregistered)
  • Nursing program only passes three NJ after two years
  • Hunger strike at Ibaraki Prison
  • GOJ apologizes to Korea for prewar annexation
  • “My Darling is a Foreigner” becomes a movie
  • Sumo Association decides to count naturalized wrestlers as still foreign
  • UN Rapporteur Jorge Bustamante’s critical Japan visit
  • NJ PR Suffrage Bill goes down in flames
  • Zaitokukai far-rightists get arrested for property damage to Zainichis
  • Child Abductions issue gathers steam with governments abroad, GOJ eyes Hague
  • The Cove engenders protests, get limited screenings anyway
  • Japan’s Kokusei Chousa pentennial census goes multilingual
  • Tokyo Police spying on Muslims
  • Futenma issue, with USG jerking GOJ’s chain
  • Renho becomes first multiethnic Cabinet member
  • Toyota’s mishandling of their runaway car recall, blaming foreign components and culture
  • Oita court ultimately rules that NJ have no rights to J pensions
  • Tourist visas eased for Chinese and Indians
  • Health insurance requirement removed from visa renewals


  • Something else

(Please tell us what you think got left out in the Comments Section below)

Please vote for three (we’ll get a decent average that way through the overlap) in the Polls section on the right-hand column of this blog.  Thanks.

If you’re celebrating, Merry Christmas Eve and Day, Readers!  Arudou Debito

12 comments on “DEBITO.ORG END-YEAR POLL: “What do you think are the top issues in 2010 that affected NJ in Japan?”

  • Hey Debito

    The poll is only allowing one choice at the moment…

    — Sorry about that. I did set it to three choices max, but somehow it reset to one max. Try it now.

  • Did the Oita court rule that NJ have no right to pensions?? Or, was it just welfare benefits? If it is a slippery slope toward denying pensions then we should all stop paying for nenkin immediately, if we can never collect.

    Japan seems to be confused. They seem to always think that they are still in a strong bargaining position like they were during the bubble era. This “my way, or the highway” attitude has already sent thousands of foreigners happily down the highway to greener pastures. This has left Japan with it’s ‘also ran’ status, to stew in it’s own juices. A forgotten about relic of days gone by, feeling and reeling from the consequences of it’s own arrongance, and racist views of the world.

    — Sorry. It was no right to welfare benefits. My mistake. Will correct.

  • Something else – this site which has over the past year helped NJ (and those who were NJ) zoom in on the law and challenge those who try to abuse it by just ignoring the crap and replying – “itte mo ii desu ka” or “iya, chigau to omoimasu yo!” – with a silent FU glint in one’s eyes!

  • Debito here. I’m afraid that when I corrected my mistake above, it was from a window that had been open a little while, and it saved poll results from some time ago. Hence some votes were lost. Sorry about that. I’ve recreated the poll from scratch. Everyone, please vote again. Very sorry.

  • I voted for the Suffrage Bill, The Abductions, and the Hunger Strike, although I feel that the Fukui “Gaijin Get Out” messages deserve some place here too. Merry Christmas, Debito.

  • The “Something else” for which I voted is the racist border fingerprinting, still not resolved. It’s still a violation of human rights that should see everyone involved behind bars.

  • I think that the decision of some major companies to hire more foreign graduates is a major issue which has its positive and negative impact on foreigners (positive-more chances for talented NJ to work in Japan or for Japanese companies, internationalization of J comanies;negative-possible iyagarase towards NJ students from J students during job hunting process).Another important issue is cutting the exchange program.

    — Thanks. I added the Global 30 cut as one more option.

    As for the decision of some major companies to hire more NJ graduates, that’s all it is — a decision. Just like the decision to bring in more NJ nurses, which we didn’t see the (lack of) results of for three years. We have to wait and see if it goes beyond the decision dankai and into creating actual NJ managers.

  • Still can’t vote more than once. I can’t possibly just choose one!!!!

    — I’m sorry about that. Somehow it keeps getting set back to “choose one only”. I’ve fixed it again. Please let me know here before voting if it happens again.

  • Speaking of the late Suraj, paperwork was sent to the prosecutors for 10 immigrations officials. However, they still deny any fault.







  • Dear Debito,

    Wishing a Happy New Year 2011.

    My earlier post on this was perhaps lost. Please check up. All I want to know is the official link to Indian part of “Tourist visas eased for Chinese and Indians”. I know its red carpet Visa-On-Arrival these days for Chinese tourists, but to my knowledge that is yet to happen for us Indians. Two months ago, I was there on a tourist visa myself and had to go through routine 1 week wait procedures.

    As regards Indian Government, they have only said that VOA is available for 5 countries including Japan since start of 2010 and just yesterday added 4 more ASEAN countries to it. But I am afraid even last week a few friends of mine flew from Japan to India and they told me that they are advised not to opt for same as it is more costly than routine procedures in Japan.


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