Tokyo Gov Ishihara bids for 2020 Olympics through earthquake sympathy vote; also calls for Japan to have nukes, military conscription, and military-led government


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Hi Blog. Okay, Tokyo, you asked for this when you revoted in this creep for a fourth term last April. Now not only is racist xenophobe and Tokyo Governor Ishihara Shintaro using the Tohoku Earthquake (which he originally called “divine retribution for Japan’s egoism“) as sympathy fodder for a renewed Olympic bid, but also, according to ANN News, he is calling for Japan to have nuclear weapons (in order to be taken seriously on the world stage, comparing it to a Mah-Jong game), military conscription, and even a military government!

Well, in my view this was only a matter of time, especially since Ishihara, if he’s not just flat-out senile, is of a generation (the Showa Hitoketa) which venerates Japan’s military past without actually serving in the military and experiencing the horrors of the Pacific War. He’s basically a warrior of words. And, again, the Tokyo electorate keeps putting him in a place where he can use those words for great effect and audience.  Including advocating siphoning off funds from disaster reconstruction for the purpose of circus.  Arudou Debito


First the YouTube video from ANN News (June 20, 2011, 40 seconds):


Let Olympic torch be lit as proof of recovery
The Yomiuri Shimbun (Jun. 20, 2011)

Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara has expressed his intention to bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

When announcing his plan, Ishihara said he would like the envisioned Tokyo Olympiad to be held to show the world that Japan has recovered from the ravages of the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake, which would be nine years in the past in 2020.

During a session of the metropolitan assembly Friday, Ishihara stressed the importance of Tokyo hosting the 2020 Games, saying the Olympiad “would be the best return for the friendship and encouragement extended to us from around the world” in the wake of the disaster.

If Tokyo wins the bid, the Games would be certain to serve as a key catalyst for invigorating the nation to rebuild from the disaster.

The venue of the 2020 Olympics is scheduled to be decided at a general assembly of the International Olympic Committee in 2013. We want to invigorate efforts for Tokyo to host the Games, so the flame of the Olympic torch will again be lit in this nation’s capital.


Clear-cut message key

Tokyo’s bid for the Games will follow its unsuccessful attempt to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo’s rival in that race, won by obtaining wide-ranging support for its call to have the Olympics held for the first time in South America.

The primary lesson from Tokyo’s failure in its bid for the 2016 Olympics is that the city lacked a clear-cut message about why it wanted to host the Games.

The message that Tokyo wants to host the 2020 Games as proof of Japan’s recovery from the catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis–just as the 1964 Tokyo Olympics were symbolic of the nation’s rebuilding from the ashes of World War II–will likely be able to obtain empathy from many countries.

To spur public opinion in favor of hosting the 2020 Olympics–unlike the lukewarm public support for the 2016 bid–it is important to clearly explain to the public the significance and advantages of hosting the Games.

The Tokyo metropolitan government still has a reserve fund of 400 billion yen accumulated in preparation for the 2016 Olympics. Tokyo has superb infrastructure, including high-performance transportation networks and accommodation facilities. In addition, its public order and security are known worldwide.

Such elements will be major selling points in efforts to win the Olympic bid.

Also, there reportedly are plans to hold some Olympic events in disaster-hit areas. We strongly hope this will be realized.


Nation must be united

Rome has already declared its candidacy for the 2020 Olympics. To win the race to host the Games, it is indispensable for the entire nation to unite behind the bid.

Ishihara has said, “It is imperative to have public opinion surge in favor of hosting the Games by rallying the entire strength of the country, the strength of all spheres, including the government, the sports world and business communities.”

Incidentally, the Sports Promotion Basic Law, which stipulates encouragement of sports policies as one of Japan’s national strategies, was enacted by the Diet on Friday. The new law says the government should “take special measures” to ensure sources of revenue and other needs for such purposes as hosting and holding the Olympics and other international sports events.

We realize the government must currently place top priority on securing funds to finance restoration and reconstruction projects from the March 11 disaster. But sooner or later the government will need to clarify its stance toward hosting the Olympics in this country.

The government should proactively study the feasibility of hosting the 2020 Games in tandem with such bodies as the Tokyo metropolitan government and Japanese Olympic Committee.

(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, June 19, 2011)


13 comments on “Tokyo Gov Ishihara bids for 2020 Olympics through earthquake sympathy vote; also calls for Japan to have nukes, military conscription, and military-led government

  • Blinky still doesn’t seem to realise that Tokyo will never get the Olympics while he is governor. Never.

    — He just might, given his probable use of the earthquake sympathy vote. Even if he doesn’t, just think of all the money that will be diverted and put towards the bid itself anyway. A person like him with an ego like his is in a position to do all that.

  • j_jobseeker says:

    I think the bigger fools will be anyone who actually believes this snake oil barker — that somehow TOKYO hosting the Olympics is some sort of proof or catalyst of the recovery of the TOHOKU region. 400 billion yen in reserves??!! Hey Ishihara, make some use of that and fund temporary housing to be built on those huge pieces of land you and the Tokyo Metropolitan Gov’t bought for the Olympics. Then again, doing that would help PM Kan which is exactly what you, the Tachiagare Nippon Party, and the LDP don’t want, right?

    It would be laughable if it weren’t so infuriating as well. Tokyo goes around bullying the local provinces (remember that Fukuoka bid for the Olympics?), Tokyoites go on mass buying sprees post-Earthquake to the point that commercials had to be run to stop them from doing it, and Ishihara wants to USE the disaster of a region Tokyo probably never thinks twice about as a way to secure TWO WEEKS of international sports frolicking just for the benefit of his own “legend.” If ever Tokyo did not deserve the support of the country, it is most certainly now.

  • Debito is right. Ishi will ride the wave of sympathy and manipulate in order to steer it right towards what he wants. Most outsiders see Japan as those “orderly, polite, cooperative” people who can do wrong. I think Johnny is wrong, blinky will get what he wants, both ways. Keep the gaijin from living here, but do take their money and business when it benefits him.

  • Loverilakkuma says:

    Nuke and a draft system… I guess he’s already suffering from a senile dementia. I’m not sure how much this fat racist toad is thinking seriously about the Olympic bid, but he will be gone by the year 2020.

  • Personally, I wouldn’t allow either Japan or the USA to host any international event until they end racist border fingerprinting.

  • Actually a nuclear capable Japan is a scary thought. As was pointed out on this site before, Japan is making major advances in space. If you think about how you can control people from above, its all starting to make sense, space is the way to go. Perhaps Ishi is on to something. We know he hates China, and they are the bully now, or soon will be. A satelite nuke program would keep them in check. So forget the JSDF, and ground based operations, if you own space you own everybody. Im guessing Chinese paranoia, be it real or imagined, is what is driving Ishi mad.

  • Jim Di Griz says:

    So many issues in one thread! Well, I guess that’s Ishihara for you.
    Where to start?
    First, the people of Tokyo keep voting for Ishihara. That fact should tell you a lot about how cosmopolitan the capital isn’t, and how introverted the minds of the Japanese are in general. As Japans population continues to age, more and more politicians will pander to the Showa jidai age group with nationalistic jingoism, just like Ishihara does. You can’t beat ‘the good old days’ rhetoric.
    The fact that Japan has a crushing national debt that will destroy it sooner rather than later, makes planning things like the olympics a total fantasy. In the meantime, the Japanese will waste money on the bid, and the whole world will be revolted every time Ishihara makes a gaff until the bid fails.
    Japanese politicians are a waste of space, and I can see that the idea of a military government might have some appeal with oldies who were born in the good times after Japan actually lost the war, but seriously, look at Japans youth of today. What are they going to do when faced by the enemy? Brush their hair? Check their reflection to make sure they look cool? (I can’t wear a a helmet sir, it messes up my hair), I am sure the Chinese Liberation Army with laugh themselves to death.
    As for Jims comment about nukes above, given that when the DPJ came to power they found that the LDP had spent the last 50 years helping the US Navy break Japans constitution (3 non-nuclear principles) by allowing the US to keeps nukes on ships moored in Japanese ports, who seriously doesn’t believe that the Japanese have a nuclear weapons system in storage? Keep the warheads in one place, and the delivery system in another, and by definition, it’s not a ‘weapons system’. This is the kind of semantics that means Japan has a Self Defense Force, but not an army. Word games.
    As for putting a nuke in space, the Chinese already have deployed and tested an anti-satellite missile system.

    — Source for the last assertion, please.

  • Ishihara is a paradigm of all that I hate about Japan (there are many things I like, but most of what he stands for falls into the hate camp for me.) It ranges from his abject loathing of anyone or anything that isn’t his mirror image, a typical far right standpoint, moves onto his arrogant superiority complex and eventually arrives at his absolute and incurable stupidity. The Japanese have a wonderful saying that applies so perfectly to Ishihara: “There is no medicine that will cure stupidity” Only death will cure him, and only in death will Japan be free of him.

    Conscription? Even the Russians are ending it, nuclear weapons? What? Is the diseased stump he uses for a brain planning to stage a coup and launch an attack on China via Korea like Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s abortive invation in the 1590s? If this piece of rubbish had even a nominal understanding of the world and how it works then he would not be a regular subject of blogs on this website, now would he?

    Finally, Jim Di Griz laments how the “people of Tokyo keep voting” for the vile toad. True, he won, but 57% voted for someone else, meaning he has nowhere near a plurality of support if these figures reflect public opinion.

    Another thing to cheer us all up; he will be dead by 2020. I doubt anyone will be left alive by then who would mourn the fact.

  • Blackrat – I’ll wager the idiot will still be alive in 2020 and still be governor. (unfortunately I’m only half-joking)

  • It’s an indication of the seemingly warped esprit of many contemporary Japanese that Ishihara was re-elected — yet again and again. Did they do that out of boredom?

    And what breath-taking chutzpah for the old fart to denigrate the outside world in one breath and then in the next self-aggrandizing breath try to woo them here for the Olympics (second attempt). Does he think the Olympic planners are THAT dumb?

  • South Korea was just selected for the 2018 Olympics. As the below article suggests, this may prove disadvantageous to the Tōkyō-bid to try to have the games again in Asia just two years later.

    — Probably. But I doubt it will deter Ishihara from spending more money, especially in the spirit of competing with the ROK.







  • As presented in the page I constructed against the 2016 bid by Tokyo, (and promptly unpublished when it met its goal) in protest at the racist fingerprinting and treatment of NJ, and which, I was told by some close to the bid-process decision in Copenhagen, had “considerable” influence in denying Tokyo the 2016 games, I am no longer resident in Japan, and I pretty much don’t pay much attention to what goes on there these days.
    A look at once a week or so reinforces my decision to have left, and to stay away. Although truthful to the last iota, is still a continuous stream of bad news for NJ in Japan, and I hope NJs either find their happy niche or choose to do as I did in December 2007, leave, based on their own educated conclusions about where the country was heading, and has gone since.

    However, IF Ishihara (spit!) is going to resurrect this bid for 2020, so help me God, I will set myself the task to do as I did before, and muster a force against it. And I will have no compunction to pull punches or not to go after the S.O.B. personally to achieve that goal.

    Your affirmation above, “A person like him with an ego like his is in a position to do all that.” is correct. And that is what makes him all the easier to go after. We did it before. We’ll do it again. There will be NO Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, or ever, as long as I have breath to counter it.


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