I turn 50 years old on January 13, 2015


Hello Blog.  Just a personal entry for today.  This sort of thing only happens once, and it’s happening now in Japan (tomorrow in Hawaii), so I’ll enjoy 48 hours of birthday this year.

I turn fifty on January 13.  This is a personal milestone in many ways, because it’s most indicative that I’ve more than likely lived half my life already, and am doing better than average when it comes to aging and health:  no major issues, no constant aches or pains, get mistaken for a person 10-20 years younger on a regular basis.  I’ve even lost a lot of my grey hair (impressive, since I rarely cut it and have never colored it).

When I turned 45, I wrote an essay on what that meant to me back then.  I saw that I could look back and see what I’ve done, and look forward and see what’s ahead.  As I turn 50, I see myself looking forward more than back, assessing what’s left to be done before the inevitable physical limitations set in, and how to make the most of the time remaining before the clock runs out.  I’ve still got a lot to do.  And I’m eager to get to it.

Here’s my photo on my 50th.  I think I look (and feel) great.  I exercise daily, eat right, and keep my personal priorities straight and my stress levels low.  I remain curious about the world around me, and enjoy what my education and training avail me in terms of tools for understanding it.  The past fifty years have been, all told, good for me.  And I’m fortunate enough to be looking forward with anticipation to the next fifty.


Photo on 1-12-15 at 8.34 AM #3

To everyone, thanks for reading and commenting to Debito.org (itself approaching twenty years old, in 2016).

Dr. ARUDOU, Debito

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