Nisshin Kasai Insurance company allows insurance to NJ customers


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Hi Blog. Just got a call from the insurance company that insures my car, answering my request for information regarding how open-door their policies are towards customers of varied backgrounds.

Nisshin Fire and Marine Insurance Company (Nisshin Kasai Kaijou Hoken 日新火災海上保険) KK allows insurance for NJ regardless of Japanese language ability. If that is lacking, the customer just has to bring along an interpreter.

Of course, this should not be blog-entry-worthy news. The default should be acceptance of customers and their money. But we do hear at of companies that refuse NJ flat out because they assume that NJ cannot communicate in Japanese, therefore they cannot get into contractual relationships.

Some examples:

Shounan Shinkin Bank in Chigasaki

Hokkoku Shinbun in Ishikawa Prefecture (yes, a newspaper!)

AXA Direct Insurance (later amended its CNN advertising to accept NJ)

Just wanted to put the word out there that there is a good company to steer your business towards. Arudou Debito in Sapporo

One comment on “Nisshin Kasai Insurance company allows insurance to NJ customers

  • Hmmm.what do you/they mean by insurance?

    Since i’ve now come to learn that what “insurance” means in Europe is totally different here in Japan. Here it is masqueraded as insurance, when in fact it is just “extended warranty”.

    But thanks for the tip!


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