BLOG BIZ: temporarily down but not out, some images now missing


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Hi Blog.  As people have written to me several times over the past few days (thanks for the concern!), was down for more than a day.  This was not due to cyberattack, but rather my server host migrating things over to some new hardware, I’ve been told.  While I find this explanation quite unsatisfactory (taking a day of downtime with no warning?), is back up and seems to be running fine.

That said, it’s running on backup files they created that happen to be about six months old (boy, that’s ludicrous).  This means that a lot of images that were evidentiary are now missing (such as the first two book link images above).  I have reuploaded successfully those images on the not-blog parts of, but when it comes to the Blog, even after I have reuploaded images from the past six months into the WordPress folder, they aren’t displaying correctly for reasons unknown.

Needless to say, I have contacted my server and asked them to fix things.  But if you find missing images on pages, please let us know below in the Comments Section with a link and we’ll get the server host on it.

Thanks very much for the support, and sorry for the downtime.  Arudou Debito, Site Administrator

2 comments on “BLOG BIZ: temporarily down but not out, some images now missing

  • Very unprofessional of your provider. Even ignoring the lack of notification, using old backups for migrating servers in an age of rapidly updated content (e.g., blogs) borders on negligence. Glad there was no malice involved, at least.


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