DEBITO.ORG POLL: “For Readers married to a Japanese, how often on average do you have sex with your spouse?”


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Hi Blog. At the suggestion of one of our Readers, following my most recent Japan Times column on the subject of sexuality in Japan, I have created a DEBITO.ORG POLL (see right hand column under my book illustration) asking:

“For Readers married to a Japanese, how often on average do you have sex?” (with your spouse, you wiseacres!)

The options are:

  • More than once a week.
  •  About once a week.
  •  Less than once a week but more than once a month.
  •  About once a month.
  •  Less than once a month.

If this poll applies to you, please vote.  See right hand column on this blog page under my IN APPROPRIATE book illustration.  Your answers strictly confidential, of course.  Arudou Debito

6 comments on “DEBITO.ORG POLL: “For Readers married to a Japanese, how often on average do you have sex with your spouse?”

  • NOTE: Please don’t respond to the poll in this Comments section (unless you want to comment about the poll).

    Please put your answers in the poll, on the right hand column on this blog page, under my IN APPROPRIATE book illustration, so we can compare them with others.

    I’ve had to delete two responses here submitted as comments. Sorry and thanks.

  • You need another option… “less than once a year”

    But there is also another factor – before vs. after children. Before children the the sex like is more normal. After children, it becomes essentially non existant. In discussions with my Japanese friends and co workers, they merely said, “Yep it sucks. But it unfortunately happens very often”.

  • Dear Arudou Debito,

    What is your point for having such a meaningless poll. Do you really know much about proper empirical research?

    You should:

    1) ask whether responders are male or female
    2) ask the age of the responders and his or her wife
    3) ask the country of residence

    Apart from that you may also consider cross studies:

    1) ask Japanese readers about their sex life with his or her foreign spouse
    2) ask Japanese readers about their sex life with his or her Japanese spouse
    3) ask foreign readers about their sex life with his or her foreign spouse

    Cross-sectional studies are as important as case-control studies (unless you’re not really serious about meaningful empirical research).

    Also common sense might suggest that with this kind of poll people who are unhappy with their sex lives are more likely to repond than people who are happy the way things are.

    Also: when it comes to sex I think it’s normal and worldwide accepted to discriminate in terms of with whom to have it, when, how often etc.

    Finally, just to show you how the Japanese government is actually encouraging sex, have a look at the offical “deai site” of Kochi prefecture with its declining population:

    I’m sure your guys up in Hokkaido might run a similar show.

    — Open to suggestion about how to design a better poll in such a defined space, of course, with concrete choices that are linear, bounded, avoid overlap, and are not in an array. Douzo. (And who even mentioned “discrimination”?)

  • Another interesting poll of inter-national couples would be:

    “Who generally initiates sexual activity — the Japanese or the foreign partner?

    If the issue is that Japanese are often sexless, then we should expect to see that Japanese rarely initiate sex.

    If not, then we would need to understand more.

    For example, perhaps foreigners in a sexless Japan are themselves somehow converted to sexlessness. Or, perhaps foreigners who couple with Japanese self-select for those willing to accept sexless behaviours. Other possibilities also exist.

    But, it would be useful to know whether sexual activity is essentially never initiated by Japanese.

    That would confirm or not something.

  • I think it’s important to request the age of the voters. Oprah and Dr.Phil have the resources and access to medical stuff most ordinary people don’t.Therefore, it is normal people in their 50’s or even late 40s to have slower sexual life compared to couples in their 30s.

    — I would like to do that, but the poll then becomes an array, which is beyond the capabilities of a poll app this simple.

  • I thought that the purpose here was to get a survey of the readership…not a scientific poll. Just to see where people are coming from. I have to abstain (pun intended) because I am not in the category of being married to a Japanese.


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